Your Very Own Online Ordering System

Unlimited Orders - Zero Commissions | 无单数限制 - 终身无佣金

Online Ordering System Made for Restaurants and Takeaways

Our online ordering system is aimed to help you turning your website into a money-making machine.

No matter how big or small your business is, you can always take unlimited numbers of orders with zero costs.

Grow your business with our free restaurant online ordering system and you’ll never have to worry about fees or commissions.

Expend Your Business with Online Presence

A well built website is the place most customer will find you first, after customers browse through your Menu, most of them will wanting to place the order right away.

The harder it is for your hungry customers to find the ordering buttons on your website, the more customers you will lose.

Increase customer retention, by adding the “See MENU & Order” & “Table reservation” restaurant widgets to your sales optimized website to make the online ordering process fast & easy.

Built-in Drag & Drop Website Builder No Codding Required

Want to build a website but don’t know how?

We’ll help to generate your very own fully functional website with online ordering function.

People who use our sales optimized website have increased their online sales by up 162%.*

It is that easy yet effective! Try it and see for yourself.

*Statistics drawn from monitoring our clients’ performance indicators.

As Simple As 1 - 2 - 3!
Food out Money in!

How to get started:

  1. Simply create an account
  2. Add the restaurant widgets to your website
  3. Use our restaurant online ordering app to confirm orders placed on your website, Facebook page & restaurant app

It’s that simple to have your own online food ordering website by tonight.

An Order Taking App Works on Every Device - iOS and Android

No matter what device you are going to use, our Restaurant Ordering app will work with minimal settings

Turning your old phone or tablet into an order-taking machine, start accepting orders from your own device

What Do Our Clients Say

Chirs was introduced to us through a common friend. He helped us with our Takeaway Online Ordering system during the Pandemic, once our restaurant was opening for dine-in, He also helped us with our Epos System. We are pleased with the service. Would recommend it to everyone!
We have used pen and paper for many years, it works for sure, but as our business grows we find it is less ideal, especially with new staff. Chris came and helped us to set up our first ever Epos and Online Ordering systems, We are grateful for his patience and support. We are telling all of our friends about
We were recommended to by a friend who already using Online Ordering system. Along with the Ordering system, also looks after our Facebook and Google listings. So far we are very pleased with the service.
We have used with our new logo and menu design, we are really happy with what we got, now we are trying out their new online ordering system, very pleased with what they do. We will definitely continue our business with, wish we knew them sooner, could have saved us a lot of headaches.
Me and my husband started our new takeaway this year, couldn't imagine what it will be like without Chris, he helped us so much not only the Epos and Online Ordering, but also with Our Facebook and Google pages, he is patient and knowledgeable with all aspect of running a small business. We became friends after we worked together. It is a pleasure to have him!
5/5 was our No.1 recommended business support among our friends, So we picked them to do our Epos and Website, also they are chosen to help us with our Facebook. Their system is very easy to use, looks really pretty and we just love it. Thank you!

In 15 minutes, you can have your own Online Ordering System up and running

Try It For Free, 30-Day No Obligation Free Trial, NO Credit Card required!

Get residual monthly rewards by sharing a great tool that will help your friends and families to grow their restaurant or takeaway business! Life Hacks

We not only run our business online, we also shop online for almost all of our supplies for the Office and our home! A good product with a good deal is never good enough until you have shared it with someone! We love to share our new finds and product experience with our family and friends, check them out! There will always be something that catches your interest! 

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